Samplua Diary vol.1

Samplua Diary vol.1 [Compilation]
Hi our dear Samplua sound lovers.
Here is the first experiment from “Samplua Diary” series. It consists of the tracks that long time have been in our archives.
This compilation was born to heat you this cold autumn.
The first one comes from the brazilian producer Marcos aka Similar Taste. It backs us to the greatness of an old school sound with its specific easy and wide taste.
The second track is a massive uplifting with bright chords and a strong bass from our resident Anatoly aka Plexland. It’s not new, it’s just backed to the homeland label of Plexland’s sound.
The next mood is an uplifting source of the Sunshine from a melody man PaulG. It brings a real sense of the Sun with a light beautiful melody.
The next track is from a young talented girl aka Minamoca from Japan. She brings a real presence of wings and a fantasy land in her debut “Blossom Fairy” at our label.
Skydan has stepped out from the trance standards in the next work. It mixes the tastes of the 80s with the breath of a new age.
The next work is something from Dominik Dudek. We have been keeping this classic trance brilliant for a long time in our archives and here it is.
The last one is from our friend from Russia. Vladimir aka Another Dimension always releases trance stuff, but this one is a step to Intelligent DNB. We have thought that it’s the best mood for the conclusion for our first “Samplua Diary” volume.

1. Similar Taste – La Ballerina (Original mix)
2. Plexland – I Know The Truth (Original mix)
3. PaulG – Tears Of The Sun (Original mix)
4. Minamoca – Blossom Fairy (Original mix)
5. Skydan – 80’s (Original mix)
6. Dominik Dudek – The Unknown (Original mix)
7. Another Dimension – New Life (Original mix)