Dominik Dudek – The Fallen

We are glad to present our new release from the polish producer Dominik Dudek to you.
The early version of “The Fallen” has been floating in the internet space. And now Dominik has breathed a new mood into it and now it’s on Samplua.
The original mix of “The Fallen” has a strong character and a catchy melody line that was played with a classic trance touch.
Our main resident artist Plexland has made a unique and beautiful remix of this one.
He has totally reworked the Original mix with his own taste full of progressive mood and vocal chops.
The last one is remix from Laker. It’s close the Original mix but has its own tech color.

1. Dominik Dudek – The Fallen (Original mix)
2. Dominik Dudek – The Fallen (Plexland remix)
3. Dominik Dudek – The Fallen (Laker remix)